The Most Surprising Places to Buy Your Favorite Health Foods for Cheap

The Most Surprising Places to Buy Your Favorite Health Foods for Cheap

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If eating healthy was easy for everyone, there would be a mini Whole Foods on every street corner, whether you're in New York of Tennessee, and they would be selling their products for cheap ($3 coconut oils for all!). Factors like where we live, how much money we make, and access to education wouldn't determine what actually ends up on our plates. But the reality is: Most healthy foods aren't accessible (or even relevant) to everyone. Because when the closest Whole Foods is 47 miles away and you're trying to figure out how to pay your electric bill, ashwagandha powder probably won't make the grocery list.

But here's where it gets good. Healthier options are increasingly popping up in the most unexpected places… with even more unexpected prices ($3 coconut oils actually exist). We're talking everyday grocers, convenient stores, pharmacies, and retailers who are making it easy and affordable to stock up on raw organic almond butter and two-ply toilet paper in one fell swoop.

So if you didn't think “healthy” could fit into your budget, think again.

CVS Pharmacy

You may think of CVS as the place you go to get the flu shot, pick up prescriptions, and shop for last-minute birthday cards. But it's so much more than pharmaceuticals and Hallmark products.

When CVS rebranded itself as CVS Health in 2014, we started to see more and more healthy snacks start to hit the shelves. Don't worry-the candy aisle isn't going anywhere-but you can expect to see healthier options like Larabars, RXbars, Go Raw bars, and Whole30-approved EPIC bars and bites. There goes your “potato chips are all they had” excuse.

Don't check out just yet! You can also find Justin's almond butter, Chobani Greek yogurt, and even Navitas Organics cacao powder that we highly recommend you use to make this three-ingredient chocolate. And don't forget to check out CVS's exclusive Gold Emblem Abound brand, which carries raw nuts, trail mix, rice pop clusters, and healthy snack bars for less than what you paid for shampoo.

In other words, go for the flu shot. Stay for the almond butter.


Rejoice, shopoholics-retail therapy can be good for your health (and not just mentally). Among the aisles of discounted furniture, rugs, and decor at HomeGoods, you can now find a wide variety of health products at incredible prices. In fact, this might be one of the best places to do your superfood and protein powders shopping… especially if you've been too wary of spending your life savings on crushed up plants to try it out. You can pick up OMG! spirulina and cacao powders for $5.99 and $7.99, and Raw Green Vegan protein powder for $14.99. Need to restock your chia seed supply? Buy an entire pound of Bija organic black chia seeds for just $5.99.

You can also find cooking basics like La Tourangelle avocado oil and coconut oil for less than $15, which isn't too shabby for the massive bottles they come in. And if all this shopping is making you thirsty, toss a carton of vanilla unsweetened Milkadamia into your cart or a liter of Thirsty Buddha coconut water for just $2.99. Now, HomeGoods, one day we hope we can order everything you offer online. Please.


Target seems to be focusing its bull's-eye on health and wellness this year, serving up more fitness gear and health foods at a friendlier price. If you're a Target fanatic (who isn't?), you're probably already familiar with its Simply Balanced brand, offering organic and all-natural foods-including produce, snacks, nut butter, spices, meat, and even prepared meals. Guys, you can get a 14-ounce, organic, unrefined coconut oil for $6.99 (!!!). But what you might not know is that Simply Balanced now offers your beloved bubbly probiotic.

That's right. We're talkin"bout the booch.

While kombucha does wonders for the gut, it isn't usually too kind on the wallet, retailing for between $4 and $6 each. But Simply Balanced offers four quality flavors (blueberry grape, ginger, orange and raspberry, lemon and ginger) at just $2.79 a bottle. Needless to say, we'll be celebrating by popping bottles in the insanely busy parking lot.


There's no need to blow all your money at some fancy cleanse bar when you can find cold-pressed juice at your local convenience store. That's right-7-Eleven is bringing juicing to the people. The international chain's newly launched line includes four produce-packed flavors that are all organic, vegan, gluten-free, and affordable, with each 14-ounce bottle for only $2.99. So unless you're trying to cleanse your wallet in addition to your body, we recommend giving one a try the next time you're filling up.


If you think that Whole Foods takes the (all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO) cake for organic food sales, think again. In 2015, Costco was ranked as the largest organic grocer in the U.S.-bringing in $4 billion in organic food sales, compared to Whole Foods' $3.6 billion. With competitive prices for organic foods (particularly produce), Costco is making big strides in including people previously priced out of eating organic.

Generally known for its weirdly culty membership, giant warehouses, and bulk sales, Costco is a little bit of a dark horse in the organics game. But with a $60 annual membership, you can access fresh, organic fruits and veggies at killer prices. Think five avocados for $7. And if paying $3 for a single piece of fruit isn't your cup of tea? You can find organic Fuji apples for just $1.64 per pound.

If you're not sure buying produce in bulk is right for you, check out the nonperishables (or foods you know you tend to scarf down all the time). You'll find dried fruits and nuts, chia seeds, and a bounty of incredible frozen food, as well as organic quinoa for less than $3. Costco's brand, Kirkland, boasts some of the most impressive prices, like a 27-ounce jar of almond butter for just $8.99.

There are hundreds of these utopic warehouses around the country, so if there's one near you, you might want to consider ditching your organic grocer for a membership. Trust us-there's a reason why people who go to Costco can't stop talking about going to Costco.