Some Sunday Inspiration

Some Sunday Inspiration

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The Guardian - I Am a 90-year-old Bodybuilder (via Claudine Morgan)

Think working out regularly is tough now? Imagine what it'll be like at age 90. Or, even better, let's let bodybuilder Charles Eugster tell us instead. Yup, it's the story so nice we posted about it twice.

Wall Street Journal - A Surfer and a Phenom at Her Very Core(via John Chock)

The story of surfer Bethany Hamilton's stunning transformation and recovery after her tragic shark attack, featuring not only her grit, but also her work out regime, diet, and playlist.

Air New Zealand - Fit to Fly with Richard Simmons (via Bari Lieberman)

Guarantee you haven't paid this much attention to the in-flight instructions since, oh, ever.

And finally, today's #Greatist Sunday brunch meal (via Derek Flanzraich)