Bust Stress with Music

Bust Stress with Music

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Music's good for a whole lot more than just a casual jam sesh: Studies suggest it can also help you get pumped for a workout, set the mood, and even increase stress and pain tolerance. While some classic violin tunes helped students giving an oral presentation stress less, relaxing contemporary, folk, and lullabies also helped kids and teens feel less pained and anxious on visits to the doctor and dentist.

The science behind music therapy is still relatively new, but its potential uses are just about endless. Researchers have found it could be useful for boosting creativity, alleviating depression, reducing stress, easing headaches or PMS, and helping us fall asleep. Not bad, right? If Monday morning's got you all stressed out, try listening to some relaxing tunes.

The Takeaway: Calming music - including classical, folk, and slow-paced contemporary - can help us relax. Use those tunes to ease pain or stress.

Get Your Jam On

Listen to our meditation playlist for those relaxing tunes.

Fun Fact

The word “stress” is derived from the Latin word stringere, which means “to draw tight.” Loosen up, dude!