Cats + Fitness = Internet Domination [Video]

Cats + Fitness = Internet Domination [Video]

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We're big fans of getting all our friends active, and that includes the furry, four-legged ones. So we're grooving like crazy over the above video for Alex Gaudino and Taboo's “I Don't Wanna Dance,” which implores cats around the world to stretch out, scratch, and sweat to their heart's content.

Sure, some of the moves are pretty standard calisthenic fare, but others are a little more feline-specific (toilet paper rolling for reps already keeps our cats occupied for days). And Pumpkin, Mr. Freckles, Harley, and the rest of the Work It Kitty gang make the routine look pretty darn engaging - or as engaged as cats can be with something that doesn't involve sleep or snacktime.

A closer look at the video's source reveals the bigger world of Work It Kitty, complete with a neon-pink layout and muscle group chart for your favorite mouser. Go even deeper, and it turns out the site is sponsored by Mars, Inc., makers of everything from classic candy bars to - you guessed it - cat food.

Is the video ushering in a new age of animal fitness, or is it really just a clever gimmick for TEMPTATIONS All Natural Kitty Treats? Probably a bit of both. But that won't stop us from dancing along - and maybe taking our own well-deserved snacktime afterward.

How do you get your pets active? Sound off below and connect with the author on Twitter @d_tao.